Ten steps to make your 90 second video

The following are some guidelines to help you put your movie together:

  1. 10-stepsThink about the themes and form your ideas for the competition.  Focus on one of the themes or a combination of two or three. The competition will be judged on how effective your video is in highlighting how important and amazing our lungs are and how we can look after them.  Make it as original, creative and  informative as you can – most of all  – have fun!
  2. Think about how you want to get your message across.  You can use song, dance, rap, drama, comedy, animation, poetry, interview or documentary. (You can also surprise us by finding a way we haven’t even thought of!)
  3. Think about how to get the best use out of your filming equipment – be it phone, tablet, digital camera or video camera.  Remember lighting and sound are really important tools in making sure your video can be viewed and understood properly.
  4. Check online resources for making short films and royalty free music.
  5. Create a  script  outlining who is doing and saying what and in which order.  Remember, the video can only be 90 seconds long, so you need to carefully consider how to tell your story in that time.
  6. Remember to get permission from anyone who will be on screen and for any filming locations, music, images or anything else that might be readily recognisable in your film.  You will find template permission and consent forms in the application section.
  7. Think about your story, how it flows and what you need to bring it to life.  Try to have story boards for each scene.
  8. Prepare! Leave time to rehearse to make sure everyone is confident in what they are doing.
  9. To edit your video, there are many online and free editing software packages you can use, for example Movie Maker for pcs or iMovie for Macs.  There may even be a programme on your phone, tablet or laptop you can use.  Carefully planned shooting may help reduce the amount of editing you need to do.   Don’t forget to film a few seconds either side of your shot to allow you to edit as needed.  You will probably want to include a title image and credits too.
  10. When your video is finished, watch it back to make sure it plays properly!  Then, save the file on YouTube or Vimeo and insert the link via the application form.

Final checklist:

  • Is your video original, creative, and informative?
  • Does it capture the themes of the ‘Lovin’ our Lungs’ campaign?
  • Is it of good enough quality to show on a cinema screen?
  • Have you got consent from everyone featured in the video and for music, images, etc?
  • Have you got permission from parents/guardians if you’re applying as an individual and not a club/school?
  • Have you completed the application form and inserted the link to your finished video?
  • Remember the closing date is Sunday 22nd May 2016.